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Czech Music CD to be distributed worldwide with the October 2017 issue of Songlines magazine


The not-for-sale CD sampler with Czech world music AT THE HEART OF THE BONFIRE is going to be a supplement in the October issue of the prestigious British magazine SONGLINES, which is distributed to 65 countries and is going to be presented at the most important world music fair WOMEX 2017 from 25th to 29th October in Katowice.

The project of the Music Section of the Arts Institute originated as a result of the negotiation among the Arts Institute, Indies Scope Records and Songlines British magazine and it was confirmed at WOMEX 2016 in Santiago de Compostela. Track samples will be also available online on the website of Songlines magazine.

The content of the sampler is based on negotiation of the project dramaturgy board with the following professionals (in alphabetical order: Lenka Dohnalová, Petr Dorůžka, Jiří Moravčík, Aleš Opekar and Přemysl Štěpánek) in cooperation with the editor-in-chief Simon Broughton, whose remarks and suggestions were beneficial for the overall result. The magazine has won its prestigious position due to its active and creative attitude to the content. Petr Dorůžka commented on the sampler in the magazine as well.

The CD sampler comprises authors and performers, who can be interesting from the foreign point of view. The variety of styles was also important. It consists of sixteen tracks with works by Jitka Šuranská, Iva Bittová, Marta Tӧpferová, Beata Bocek, Tomáš Kočko, Ridina Ahmedová, bands like Terne Čhave, Music Folklorica, Ponk, Braagas, Jablkoň, Milokraj, Bran, Clarinet Factory, Dva, Tara Fuki and Hradišťan.

The CD sleeve was designed by Petra Pohlová, who contributed with her visual image to the success of the Ponk band at their presentation at WOMEX 2016 in Santiago. The visual style of the CD is also going to be inspiration for the Czech booth at WOMEX in Katowice.

The sampler originated thanks to the project support by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic as well as assistance of Czech publishers and artists.


Contact: Lenka Dohnalová, Arts and Theatre Institute,

Songlines magazine: Paul Geoghegan,