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Mission of the Czech Music Office

The mission of the Czech Music Office is to facilitate the development of the Czech music industry (music actuelle) in wide range of genres such as (world music, rock, pop, electronic music, hip-hop, jazz, alternative music, other under genres and fusions. In specific cases projects of contemporary classical music.


  • to promote Czech music abroad.

    • organizing and coordinating Czech Republic’s presence on relevant trade fairs, and showcase festivals

    • promote Czech artists on international platforms ( followed by the yearly concept)

  • to connect Czech Music professionals to the international scene

    • facilitate connections ( music industry, media), support business

    • support and facilitate exchange projects (music, music industry education)

    • linking the Czech music industry stakeholders to relevant international partners

  • Help, support and facilitate VET ( vocal educational training) programs

    • for Czech musicians

    • for Czech music scene ( promoters, managers, agents, productional ppl)

    • set a basic status quo of knowhow in music industry professionals ( basic knowledge of music history, promotional and basic marketing skills)

  • searching for financial partners, fundraising

  • creating an open web-database of Czech Music Industry

    • music bands

    • music venues, festivals

    • music educational facilities

    • promoters

    • music labels

    • media